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Image result for musical picture

You want to have an awesome mind and feel very motivated, then I'd say turn to music. There are different kinds of music in the world today, they all have their roles in making you relax, sing along or dance. You will agree with me that music has a powerful way of uniting different people from different society and culture. It is a good channel to send messages. Many people did not meet Michael Jackson face to face before he died, yet these people love him and his music and I must confess, I am one of them.

Sonny Okosun, one of Nigeria Greatest Musician sang for freedom for South Africans and the whole of Africa and the world was motivated to do something about oppression in that area of the world. 2Face Idibia reminded the whole world about the beauty of African Woman (Women). Fala Anikulapo kuti challenged Nigerian government to do the right thing and care for the citizens, Onyeka Onwenu calls everyone to one love.

Billy Ocean told us about love, Fredy Jackson reminded us of what can be loose, Manhattans told us a kiss and a goodbye is all the want, New Edition says something's wrong with their telephone, Boys 2 Men ask if this is the end of the road? Shalamar said we should go for it, Whitney Houston said she wants to dance with somebody, Dionne Warwick told us what friends are for, Teddy Pendergrass said he believes in the Children of the future, Atlantic Star sang about secret lovers, Warren Mills said tell me what you want,. Kenny Rogers said Gambler, Dolly Parton said don't take my man,
Cece Winans reminded us about the sacrifice of the greatest king; the lord Jesus, she said it wasn't easy.

How many can I mention? There are many great talents I did not list.Their songs can make you cry, get motivated or make you dance.
We must thank God for giving humans the talent to sing and make music, remember one of His best friends is a great instrumentalist and by my bias, a musician. Worshiping Him comes with songs, I bet, God loves music and so do I.

Please if you love music, find time to listen to these songs listed below:

1.  Suddenly (by Bill Ocean)
2.  Love Lifted Me (By Kenny Rogers)
3.  African Queen (by 2Face Idibia)
4. One Bad Apple Nolan Thomas (by Nolan Thomas)

You can use google to search or Youtube to listen to these songs. Please do let me know how you feel.Have a wonderful time listening.



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