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Did you have the time to listen to Kenny Rogers’' Love Lifted me'? I believe you did. You’ll agree with me that it is a wonderful song. Can you do me a favour? Listen to Lady by this artist, believe me, you’ll feel the strong message of love and appreciation. I love this song so much! One compelling thing about this song is that it touches the inner person (I’ll say the mind and soul) the flow with the lyrics and voice is splendidly coherence.
Sometimes I feel of all gifts, singing is the one with the most joy. I have seen stage performances by Musicians and feel the genuine joy as they performed. If you saw the video clip of this song (LADY) you’ll feel the joy of the singer and the audience.
It is obvious that the singer was determined to send a strong message of love to someone he’s in love with or encouraging couples to love, want and appreciate each other. Whatever you think of this song I know will centre on what I have pointed out. I got you the lyrics of Kenny Rogers …