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Hello everyone, I know we all are going to miss Don Williams who passed on recently.You'll agree with me that he a great Talent. Personally I love his soft sweet  voice which makes his songs hit the ears with such compelling melodies that  leave the listeners with no choice but to continue enjoying the songs. His voice, the instrumentals and the lyrics all work together to present such impeccable melodies that get to the soul. I call his voice 'soft-sweet -mix-bass'
Imagine waking up in the morning as early as 5:30 am and being treated with Don Williams songs. You know what? That's how I grow up! My elder brother has collections of Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton etc and as early as 5:30 am you'll hear any of these Talents' songs.
You can see why I love Music.
Here is the lyrics of Don Williams  'I believe in you' got it from

I don't believe in superstars Organic food and foreign cars I don't believe the price of gold The certaint…
Nolan Thomas- ONE BAD APPLE
It wasn’t easy getting the lyrics of Nolan Thomas’ One Bad Apple. Many artist have done this song and they all are excellent at it, but Nolan Thomas brought in some changes and one major change is the rap style he added to it. The beauty of this song is not only in the message (of LOVE ) but also in the instrumentals and the vocal expression of the lyrics, every aspect working in coherence thus hit your ears with such sweet melody that would make you want to play it over and over again. You know what? I personally wrote this lyrics for you, I had to listen to the song over and over again, am sure you’ll like it. Check it out!
Yeah…..! I can tell you’ve been hurt by the look on you face girl, Some guy brought a sad day to your happy world, You need love, but you‘re afraid that if you give in, You gonna give your heart, get it back all in piece again
Chorus: One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch girl Hooo… give it one more try before you give up on love One bad appl…